Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Circuit Training Improves Flexibility, Strength And Endurance

Circuit training is a form of training which alternates between different physical activities and rest periods. Each segment is completed within a time limit. The four types of circuit training are timed, competition, repetition, and sport-specific. From beginners to experienced athletes, many individuals use the circuit method because of the low investment in resources. A workout session can be completed within thirty minutes. It can be done with no equipment or with inexpensive equipment like stability balls or dumbbells.
The benefits of circuit training include improved flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance. Weight loss is another benefit. In addition, it provides participants with both resistance training and a cardiovascular workout. In a WebMD article, a fitness research director stated that circuit trainers receive an extra third of calorie burn after their sessions.

Main Types Of Circuit Training

There are four main types of circuit training — timed, competition, repetition, and sport-specific. In timed circuit training, individuals perform each exercise in conjunction with a rest period within a time limit.
Competition circuit training involves repeating one physical activity as many times as possible, increasing the reps within the same amount of time.
Participants in repetition circuit training are a group with varying fitness levels. Each member of the group performs the workout at the intensity relative to his ability.
Sport-specific circuit training consists of exercise elements focused on a particular sport like running/boxing/swimming.

Some Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit training can include any number and combination of physical activities. These are a few circuit training exercises for getting into shape.
– Walking Lunges;
– Jumping Jacks;
– Push ups;
– Squats;
– Abdominal Crunches;
– Jump Rope;
– Calf Raises;
– Running;
– Jogging;
– Weightlifting.
Source: fiitnessplus.com

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