Thursday, October 22, 2015


Being sedentary has a relationship with an increased risk of bad health and aches and pains..
This association generally comes with lack of movement and over eating, both which may contribute to a negative healthy balance.
Having a desk based job and being offered cake and biscuits in the office environment is the norm for most offices. So how do we stay healthy and reduce the risk of bad health?
>>Move a little more<<
Getting up from your desk every 45-60 minutes, walking around and moving will help your circulation and raise your heart rate.
Not to mention that this will help with posture and back pain.
If you suffer with prolonged sitting, try a stand up desk. These are awesome for posture and aches/pains.
Go for a walk at dinner or find somewhere in peace, where you can do short burst exercise.
Maybe join a nearby gym to go in your lunch break.
>>Drink less caffeine & more water<<
Drinking coffee or tea every hour of the day, ladened with refined sugar and milk will soon ramp up unwanted calories.
Replacing tea and coffee with water, especially after lunch will be much better for your health and your afternoon energy levels.
>> Healthy snacks <<
Healthy snacks kept in your draw at work reduce the temptation to eat biscuits and cake.
I'm not going all anti "treat" on you, but it sure helps to have better, healthier food choices around such as fruit, chicken sw, brownie , Greek yoghurt and healthy snack bars.
>> Mid afternoon energy crash<<
Consuming foods that nourish the body will help to support mid afternoon energy slumps.
A balanced breakfast and lunch containing protein, veg or fruit, and small amount of fat and starch carbs should keep you fuelled for hours.
Breakfast, scrambled eggs with wilted spinach and . Fruit for dessert.
Lunch, chicken and feta salad wrap with a serving of fruit.
>> Stress release<<
Office's seem to be the most stress inducing jobs. Answering phones, hitting deadlines, staring at computer screens, these all seem to elevate stress either consciously or sub-consciously.
Taking 10 minutes to meditate in a quiet area or taking your self away from the desk every-now and again will help to reduce tension.
Hopefully this will help people out, if you feel it's helped you please share.

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