Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The original rice diet was created back in 1939 by the creator dr. Walter Kempner…
Its purpose at that time was to reduce the blood pressure, regulate the blood sugar and to improve the situation of people with diseased kidneys. When this diet started to show effects and to reduce weight ,many people started to use it for weight loss. Here’s a version of this diet which will help you to reduce from 7 to 10 pounds just in a three weeks.
Meal plan
The breakfast is the same each day : A cup (serving) of cooked rice in water, without salt or sugar. For taste you can squeeze a little bit of lemon juice and add a little olive oil. During the diet use brown (integral) rice. For a snack between breakfast and lunch, eat a piece of fruit.
Lunch – for the first 7 days : a cup of rice, a cup of beans, peas or lentils, a piece of whole-grain bread. Use more spices and less salt.
Dinner – for the first  7 days : a cup of rice and 150 grams lean meat (chicken or turkey breasts, pork chop, fish). Don’t salt the meat, only drain lemon juice.  You can eat a slice of whole-grained bread.
Lunch – for the second  7 days : a cup of rice, a piece of whole-grained bread.
Dinner – for the second  7 days : a cup of rice and a piece of whole-grained bread.
Third week : Follow the diet plan from the first week so that you can add a dairy snack between lunch and dinner ( 200ml milk or little fruit yogurt).
Source: fiitnessplus.com

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