Saturday, January 18, 2014

6 foods to help burn belly fat 

•Cinnamon - assist and stabilise blood sugar (great in coffee)

•Cayenne pepper - increases thermogenesis in the body increasing metabolism.

•Leafy greens - high in chlorophyll, which aids detoxing.

•Apple cider vinegar - contains acidic acid which helps breakdown existing body fat, can also remove fat from the body before it is stored!

•Whey - stimulates chemicals in your digestive system, suppress' hunger and promotes a feeling of fullness

•Salmon - high in omega 3 which improve insulin response

These foods can be eaten on a daily basis and should be looked at if your serious about your fitness goals!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The idea behind DRS(pre-exhaust) is that it ensures the larger muscles involved are indeed fully exhausted.

The theory is that in a compound lift, the smaller, weaker muscles that are involved in lifting the weight can fail before the larger ones, causing you to fail before the larger muscles are thoroughly exhausted. For example, on the bench press when you reach failure, your triceps and anterior delts may be the muscles causing you to fail at that point,not your chest. Obviously this is a major problem if the reason you're benching in the first place is to stimulate your chest! You may end your chest workout without fully stimulating your chest! - BAD!!

So, pre-exhaust is designed to solve this problem by exhausting the larger, target muscle first, with an isolation movement before the compound, that will exhaust that muscle and only that muscle. The compound would immediately follow, stimulating the larger muscle to the absolute max. For example, you may start your chest workout by doing a set of flyes (or crossovers) to failure to first make sure your chest is exhausted. THEN, immediately, with no rest, hop on the bench and do a set to failure. This way, you would "pre-exhaust" your chest before you even do the compound, ensuring that when you reach failure on the compound, your chest is, indeed, exhausted and therefore stimulated for growth.

 I've utilised this method on myself and clients over and over again and highly recommend it if your looking for growth! It's also great for burning body fat!

Remember guys hours and hours of cardio isn't the way to go for body composition LIFT WEIGHTS!!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014