Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fact or Myth: Taking heavy weights,makes a person more muscular?

The heavier the resistance the greater the breakdown of the muscle and thus the greater the potential for building muscle.But this requires certain considerations.First and foremost is the fact that the heavy weight has no meaning if the form and technique or the range of motion gets compromised(If this happens it will only result in a layoff due to injury).
Secondly heavy weights do not mean that you load up the bar and take excessive assistance from the trainer or your workout buddy.Last but not the least,please understand that the heavy weights only cause breakdown thus causing a need in the body for more muscle .This need will translate into more muscle only if the hard training is accompanied with adequate protein from your diet and adequate rest and recovery from your workouts.In absence of these two factors,heavy weights will simply mean a loss of muscle.
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